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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Re: Code submission

The email you are referring to was sent as an announcement by a committer on the EclipseLink project in reference to a change he made to the source base. This is not a submission but an announcement to other developers of the change.
The initial source contribution to the EclipseLink project was derived from our main Oracle TopLink development stream. When bugs are fixed in this main stream the developer who makes the fix and who is also a committer on EclipseLink makes the equivalent change to the EclipseLink source and tests cases. This is a very temporary phase we are in.
Going forward all new bugs found on EclipseLink will be logged in the Eclipse Bugzilla and after our first incubation milestone build next week we will be changing our internal Oracle process to ensure that any bugs reported against Oracle TopLink that we deem important to the EclipseLink project will be filed in the Eclipse Bugzilla as well where they will be addressed.
If you have any additional questions or concerns about the EclipseLink development we can setup a meeting or add it to the agenda of our regular weekly meeting to discuss.
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EclipseLink developers,
Patches and code submissions should be submitted via bugzilla. If they are submitted via email, they are required to go through the multi-month contribution questionnaire process. Bugzilla = no delay. Email = long delay. Your choice :-)


- Bjorn

[eclipselink-dev] Code submission
"Guy Pelletier" <guy.pelletier@xxxxxxxxxx>
Mon, 22 Oct 2007 16:46:37 -0400
"Dev mailing list for Eclipse Persistence Services" <eclipselink-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
"Dev mailing list for Eclipse Persistence Services" <eclipselink-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Short description: Fixed error from org.eclipse.persistence.testing.tests.validation.TargetInvocationWhileConstructorInstantiationTest when running with a security manager.
New tests: No. Manually tested.
Reviewed by: Tom Ware
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