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[eclipselink-dev] eclipselink.sdo|moxy.test: changes to build script to allow eclipse debugging of ant compiled classes without a clean/rebuild

    This change is of interest to developers of moxy or sdo that wish to debug in eclipse but build classes using the ant script (instead of "project | build automatically")
    - sdo and moxy can be now be built for debugging.
    Long Description:
    Checked in 4 equal changes to the compile target of build.xml in eclipselink.sdo|moxy.test and eclipselink.sdo|moxy that enables pickup of the javac.debug property to build with/without "lines, vars, and source" debugging info.
    These changes will bring moxy and sdo in line with core and jpa.
    <target name="compile"....
new ->               debug="${javac.debug}" 

new ->               optimize="${javac.optimize}"
new ->               source="1.5" 
new ->               deprecation="${javac.deprecation}"
new ->               failonerror="true"

    Changing Default Behavior:
    The ant build will continue to build without debugging info unless this property is set to true in your either at the project or global level. The current default debug behavior in eclipse is debug=true (with all 3 attributes set) so if you use the ant script to compile classes that you would like to debug - set this flag to true in your file. 
    # Edit this property to "true" to enable debug attributes like lines, variables and source-filename

    Otherwise build classes in eclipse normally without running the ant build.

Description: Binary data

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