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RE: [eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink Documentation

The preliminary TOC seems to have removed documentation on our Oracle support and OC4J, as well as history.  EclipseLink supports Oracle extensions, OC4J and history, these should be documented.  Only the documentation for CMP / EJB2 should be removed, as this is not supported.


Any thoughts to open sourcing the documentation and putting it on the wiki?



James Sutherland



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I updated with a link to our EclipseLink doc plan (


A preliminary TOC is available for review here: We made a first pass at indicating what content should be excluded from the EclipseLink Dev Guide. We would appreciate your input on this.


Once we have a finalized TOC, we can prepare an "alpha" quality first draft of the EclipseLink Dev Guide and start getting feedback on it.


Thanks. P.P.

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