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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Transaction details

Actually, there are a few issues with the patch.  The class names as they appear in this patch will require JPA users to fully qualify the EclipseLink classes when using them.  The Exception messages are cryptic and are not internationalized.  EntityManagerFactoryProvider should no longer be the public provider as we already have the PersistenceProvider class.  Guy has updated the names allowing a simple import statement to be leveraged and has updated the exceptions as well.  Guy has already updated the code resolving these issues but there seems to be a severe delay with the dev mailing list broadcasting the announcement.  
There should be another patch for review sometime today.


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Appears to be straight-forward refactoring, +1 from me

Guy Pelletier wrote:
> The attached eclipse patches outline some jpa packaging changes that are
> to be submitted. The changes arose from an Oracle internal bug (6059714).
> Since there are no actual code changes, no new tests have been added and
> existing tests continue to pass.
> Upon review it will be submitted. If you have any questions or concerns
> please let me know.
> Cheers,
> Guy
> [MWN - many lines deleted]

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