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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Using JUnit4 and Ant in EclipseLink ...

EclipseLink is a new environment and no decisions have been made on the architecture of our automated testing.  There's nothing that says the testing structure in EclipseLink will be the same as ADE and I expect that it will be different. Currently testing in EclipseLink is through the testing browser or ant scripts that pass properties as system properties.  If your tests depends on this other framework (extensions, property files) they will not even be runnable as part of our current testing?
Going forward limiting the number of frameworks we have in testing will limit the confusion for new contributors and committers.
In regard to Peter's email has the new feature been reviewed by anyone prior to checkin to ADE? 
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Subject: Re: [eclipselink-dev] Using JUnit4 and Ant in EclipseLink ...

Gordon Yorke wrote:
So,  core tests are being introduced that depend on this custom JUnit code (component?) and JUnit 4?  When did the Architecture Committee decide to integrate these JUnit 4 extensions into the eclipselink.core testing.  Have we even discussed how our testing framework will look in Eclipse?
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Subject: [eclipselink-dev] Using JUnit4 and Ant in EclipseLink ...

As part of the work to merge DBWS code into EclipseLink, some IPzilla CQ's (specifically and 1755) were create to enable the use
of the pb4 custom JUnit4 Runner and Ant task.  Not only are there DBWS tests that require
this capability, but also new core feature tests for supporting non-JDBC arguments to StoredProcedures.

This is the first time in EclipseLink that multiple components required some utility or library. To deal
with this, I propose a new 'common' project - the directory structure would be as follows:

        |   about.txt
        |   ...
 (new)  +---common
   -    |   \---eclipselink.common
   -    |   |   |   .classpath
   -    |   |   |   .project
   -    |   |   |  
   -    |   |   +---lib
   -    |   |   |       ant.jar                          (CQ 1768)
   -    |   |   |       junit4-ext-pb4.jar               (CQ 1755)
   -    |   |   |       ${other_commonly_used}.jar       (future CQ)
   -    |   |   \---pb4
 (new)   |   |       \--- ...
 (old)  +---dbws
        |   +---eclipselink.dbws
        |   |   |   .classpath
        |   |   |   .project
        |   |   |  
        |   |   \---src
        |   |       \---org
        |   |           \---eclipse
        |   |               \---persistence
        |   |                   +---dbws
        |   |                   |       ...
        |    ...
 (old)  +---foundation
        |   +---eclipselink.core
        |   |   |   .classpath
        |   |   |   .project
        |   |   |  
        |   |   \---src
        |   |       \--- ...

From a developer's view inside of an Eclipse IDE environment, the main projects (such as eclipselink.dbws , eclipselink.core and
eclipselink.moxy ) depend apriori upon eclipselink.common . The other change will be relying upon version 4 of the JUnit library - this
should not affect any code as the old JUnit 3.8.x APIs are preserved in JUnit4.
When I attended 'Architecture Committee' meetings a few months ago, there were a number of rather vague discussions about the
future of testing ...

With respect to JUnit4, originally the requirement was for DBWS testing - I needed capabilities that existing testing frameworks
available in ADE did not have (the pb4 custom JUnit4 runner allows access to and
at runtime). However, subsequent work on a new feature - "support non-JDBC args for StoredProcedures" which was
inspired by DBWS but is not actually a part of it - has tests that use pb4. The new feature is checked in as per the message
"RE: EclipseLink and TOPLINK_MAIN_GENERIC_070821.1600"; therefore, the tests should be checked in too.

BTW - since the new feature is Oracle specific, the tests should probably go into

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