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[eclipselink-dev] RE: [technology-pmc] New component in EclipseLink - needs to follow the proper process

Thanks for keep an eye on us. I do appreciate it as we learn our way within the ecosystem and its processes.
The email referenced was sent at my request to ensure that all of the developers are aware that this is planned and so the internal developers can start preparing the code contribution in an agreed upon format. I wanted to have the opportunity for a discussion concerning the project's package and SVN structure.
We will definitely be following all of the processes prior to checking in any code or creating any new components.
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Subject: [technology-pmc] New component in EclipseLink - needs to follow the proper process

Doug et al,
I noticed this email ( saying that you are going to have a new component in the EclipseLink project. Please note that you need to follow the appropriate processes, specifically:
  1. Getting approval from the PMC.
  2. Notifying the membership of new contributions:
  3. Any external code contributions must go through the Eclipse Legal review starting with the Contribution Questionnaire and may not be put into CVS/SVN until approval is received.
- Bjorn

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