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[eclipselink-dev] RE: OXM Test location

EclipseLink Component Leads and Developers,

Forwarding the discussion below concerning location of EclipseLink OXM

Given that OXM functionality will reside in the Foundation component, the
proposal is that the accompanying OXM tests, based on JUnit framework, will
also exist in this component, resulting in the following package structure:-

*/eclipselink.core.test.orm/     (replaces the current
/eclipselink.core.test/ folder)

We propose to implement this change on Monday.  If anyone has any issues or
questions, please reply back before then.

ORM and OXM will both have their own ant scripts, enabling a developer to
run these test suites individually.  There will also be a high level ant
script which will provide targets to run the complete set of Core foundation
tests.  Tom will have more details on these when they are ready.


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To: David McCann
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Subject: Re: OXM Tests

I'm ok with this, but this essentially creates another component.  We
better make sure PM is ok with this.

(added Doug and Shaun)

David McCann wrote:

> Hey Tom,
> Since the OXM code is going to live in the Foundation component, it
> makes sense to have the OXM tests there as opposed to the MOXy
> component.  The OXM tests are 100% JUnit;  runnable from ANT script
> or, as a whole or individually, via main method.  I'm thinking the
> tests (Foundation and OXM) would not be a single unit, but separate
> entities (for now, at least);  that way, if someone changes non-OXM
> core functionality they'd run only the Core tests, if they change OXM
> the OXM ones, or both sets of tests if Core and OXM are modified.   I
> propose a directory structure like the following:
>     * /eclipselink.core.test.orm/ -- replaces the current
>       /eclipselink.core.test/ folder
>     * /eclipselink.core.test.oxm/ -- new
> where each would contain build scripts and Eclipse project metadata.
> Please let me know what your thoughts are on this, as well as any
> issues/concerns you may have.
> Thanks.
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