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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Tests that involve multiple componenets

An "end to end testing component" just displaces the problem.  Users wishing to run the full suite of JAXB tests would still need to build all other components in order to have the "end to end testing component" build.  Perhaps creating subdirectories within the testing components with the different groups of tests organised into a directory would be a better solution.  Users could easily eliminate the test groups that they were not interested by only including the tests that they were interested in.  Testing suites could be better organised by test group.

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Subject: [eclipselink-dev] Tests that involve multiple componenets

Hey Folks,

  At the moment the EclipseLink repository is configured with a project
for each component and no circular compile dependancies between those

  We are starting to be ready to check-in some tests that make use of
multiple components.  (e.g. A JAXB/JPA test)

  It does not really make sense to check that kind of a test in to
either the JAXB or the JPA testing projects since neither project should
depend on the other and the JPA tests should not depend on the JAXB core
and vice versa.

  I am looking for suggestions about how to set this up.

  The current best suggestion I have is to set up an End-toEnd testing
component that depends on all other projects that can include any
end-to-end testing.

What does everyone think?

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