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Re: [] General Data ProtectionRegulation(GDPR) at Eclipse Foundation

Hi All,

Quick update regarding "Approved Eclipse Logos". Projects are not required to use Eclipse Foundation logos in their footer but if they chose to do so, they must be from our Artwork page:

Is there a tempate or instructions for Project Leads to apply the Quicksilver theme already?





Documentation for the Eclipse look and feel is available on our website

It's possible to test your changes with our staging server ( by pushing your commits to a branch named "staging".

username: testuser
password: plaintext

Projects can also test changes to their website with our Eclipse Foundation PHP Docker images:

Will you also check whether the Quicksilver theme is used and report it?



Eclipse projects are not required to use the Quicksilver theme. I believe it will be easier for projects using Quicksilver to be compliant with the GDPR since we will do what we can in the theme layer to validate consent. 

If you are using additional 3rd party services, you will need to make sure to identify who has access to the data and you must make sure that consent was given by the user before those services can be enabled regardless if you are using an Eclipse Foundation theme or not.


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