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[] Upcoming Changes to Mars.1 Error Report Digests

Greetings Eclipse project leaders.

For Mars.0 we roughly collected one million error reports [1,2]. But with the advent of Mars.1 there will be multiple versions of the same bundles be available, which makes it hard to track which bugs have really been fixed and which ones still exist in the latest versions of our software. I’ve to admit that I hoped to receive less reports and to see bugs getting fixed quicker or to see projects marking error reports they don’t want to handle as wontfix. But fixing takes time and marking issues as wontfix turned out to be a too large overhead.

Given these observations I’d like to change the weekly digests to only report issues that occurred on Mars.1 or later, i.e., I’ll implement a filtering based on the Eclipse build-id and only add those reports to the digest that occurred on a current Eclipse version. I plan to take that change live by the end of October. If you (i.e, your project) still wants to receive error reports for older versions of Eclipse, please let me know. We can make that happen.

If you are looking for a more fine-grained control, please post your requirements to bug 47112 [3].
If you are interested in face-to-face discussions: There will be a BoF at EclipseCon Europe on Tuesday evening 20:00 [4] for discussing the future of automated error reporting.

Best regards,

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