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Re: [] Automated Error Reporting - Sign up for Weekly Problem Digests for your Project

Hi Marcel,

can you sign me up for the Jubula team? We'd like to try it out and see what information it brings.


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Sent: Dienstag, 2. Juni 2015 21:06
To: Eclipse Org Project Leadership
Subject: [] Automated Error Reporting - Sign up for Weekly Problem Digests for your Project

Greetings Eclipse Project Leads.

Back in February we introduced an automated error reporting in Eclipse Mars M5 to help projects to get notified about  errors and ui freezes our users experience in the IDE more quickly.

Since then we received round about 100k error reports from our users, which nicely shows that our users care and want to help. We also added a couple more utilities to the error reporter like automated diagnosis of LinkageErrors, and Method- or ClassNotFoundErrors to chase OSGI wiring issues on the client, improved the UI and UX and many things more.

We also invested quite some time making the committer-facing side of the system more approachable to you. We improved the duplicate detection, added more analysis capabilities and, since RC2, offer weekly problem digests for individuals and project-mailing lists. One example of such a weekly digest can be viewed on the platform-ui-dev mailing list [1].

By this email I’d like to encourage you to sign up (yourself or your project’s dev-mailing list) for weekly problem digests. So far round about 40 reviewers and project dev-mailing lists signed up to receive weekly or daily reports.

If your project contributes plugins that run inside the Eclipse IDE and you would like to sign up to receive digests for your project, drop me a mail. We’ll set you up in less than 5 minutes.

In case you have any other questions, let me know. I’m happy to answer them by email or twitter or in person at Eclipsecon France.


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