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[] December 7, 2022 Planning Council Meeting Minutes

The following people attended the December 7, 2022 Planning Council meeting:
  • Leif Geiger
  • Martin Lippert
  • Johannes Matheis
  • Tom Watson
  • Alexander Kurtatkov
  • Sebastian Ratz
  • Ed Merks

Leif gave a very brief overview of the in-application payment mechanism being prototyped by Yatta.  We're hoping it can be ready for the 2023-03 release. Leif also give some background about Chromium support.  The company currently implementing it does not want to give away their business around this technology.  It is opened sourced but under a GPL license and we think that blocks redistribution.

We also discussed alternative ways of providing browser support, e.g., electron.  Then we discussed at length the general concerns about security and in particular about needing to update to the latest CVE-fixed versions.  Alex mentioned a strong need for an actual browser, not a restricted-access one as suggested by Martin might mitigate the security concerns.

Ed gave a tiny bit of background about the 2022-12 release which is out the door and looks to be in a good shape.

Sebastian briefly discussed SAP's issue with JNA wiring problems involving multiple versions of JNA.  The exact cause is not clear.  Hopefully we can avoid shipping multiple versions, especial Orbit versus direct-from-Maven versions.

Finally, it was suggested to move January's meeting from the 4th to 11th so that more people will be able to attend.

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