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Am 05.10.2022 um 18:49 schrieb Jonah Graham <jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hi folks,

Here is the summary of what the priorities are from the planning council to pass to the IDE WG. Can I get a couple of +1 responses (or any other comments too!) so I can pass it on to the IDE WG and then turn it into specific issues following the guidelines of the funded dev efforts

Dear IDE WG Steering Committee,

Please find below the Planning Council's recommendation on the future of the funded development efforts that we think should be funded as much as possible.

Before we get to the work items, the most important feedback the Planning Council can provide is that hiring experienced people to work on these items is very hard. Based on the experience of the members, finding people to do this work is very difficult to impossible.

The best results so far have been in training interns/people at the beginning of their careers to do this work. This has delivered excellent results for the past few years. However this still leaves open the problem of finding people to mentor them.

This is a roughly prioritized order of what needs addressing. These are items important for the long term value of the Eclipse IDE.

SimRel release engineering and analysis
  - (this covers many of the items that Ed has been working on for the last year)
  - perform release engineering steps listed on
  - work with projects to ensure that the SimRel participation must-dos are being done, e.g. duplicate versions of bundles, unsigned content

win32 platform support
  - At the moment there is no one in the community focusing on reviewing win32 platform support. What is needed is someone to review incoming issues, PRs and keep on top of win32 test failures (turning them into issues).
  - The native side, and the connection between the Java and native side are the biggest focus
  - The open Windows issues for SWT are listed in
  - Examples of win32 PRs that are not being reviewed
  - Example of test failures that are not being addressed
  - Test results that need regular review are listed in the "Logs and Test Links" section of individual builds on

ongoing Java language support
  - Java language support is under-resourced
  - short-term the effects may not be visible, but lack of support for the twice-yearly releases will make it harder long term as consumers start to transition to newer versions
  - this issue is distinct from supporting running Eclipse itself on newer versions of Java
  - Example of language support umbrella bug is for Java 19

dark mode support

There are other smaller items which are not fully specified, but seen as lower priority than the above:
- Enhancements to p2 to support "obsolete" IUs and "pinned" IUs.
- Reviewing PRs of other areas in Platform (in addition to the win32 support outlined above)

Best regards,

Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

On Thu, 29 Sept 2022 at 13:57, Jonah Graham <jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi folks,

The annual budgeting is approaching for the IDE WG. Therefore it is time to formalize our list of asks from the IDE WG Steering Committee so that development efforts can be funded.

As a reminder, over the last year the IDE WG has funded some of the release engineering, release analysis and PGP support that has been part of what Ed has been working on for the last year. In addition the IDE WG has funded specific bug fixes (like some dark mode fixes) and has been investigating (but not spent money on) Chromium support going forward.

Now is the time to collect what the Planning Council identifies as the highest priority items going forward.

So far, in our list I have collected from me and others:

- Release Engineering (ongoing)
- Funding reviewers to review incoming PRs on the Eclipse project (Platform, JDT, Equinox)
   - Do we have a list of outstanding reviews that need reviewing? Is there a search(s) that can be used to identify the PRs that need attention (e.g. PRs that have been open > 1 week without a committer commenting?)
- Enhancements to p2 to handle "obsolete" IUs so that old stuff can be removed that does not work - modelled on RPM
- Tycho improvements/fixes
  - Tycho has just been added to list of projects in the IDE WG so we can direct funds in that direction, but specifically what is needed?
- All the unfinished items from the last time we made the final list, and the brainstorming list

I will collate the list and we can vote on an ordered list of priorities just like last year.

ACTION In the first instance can you please forward me (on the list if possible for visibility) what else should be on the list.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders
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