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[] IDE WG Funded Development Effort

Hi folks,

The annual budgeting is approaching for the IDE WG. Therefore it is time to formalize our list of asks from the IDE WG Steering Committee so that development efforts can be funded.

As a reminder, over the last year the IDE WG has funded some of the release engineering, release analysis and PGP support that has been part of what Ed has been working on for the last year. In addition the IDE WG has funded specific bug fixes (like some dark mode fixes) and has been investigating (but not spent money on) Chromium support going forward.

Now is the time to collect what the Planning Council identifies as the highest priority items going forward.

So far, in our list I have collected from me and others:

- Release Engineering (ongoing)
- Funding reviewers to review incoming PRs on the Eclipse project (Platform, JDT, Equinox)
   - Do we have a list of outstanding reviews that need reviewing? Is there a search(s) that can be used to identify the PRs that need attention (e.g. PRs that have been open > 1 week without a committer commenting?)
- Enhancements to p2 to handle "obsolete" IUs so that old stuff can be removed that does not work - modelled on RPM
- Tycho improvements/fixes
  - Tycho has just been added to list of projects in the IDE WG so we can direct funds in that direction, but specifically what is needed?
- All the unfinished items from the last time we made the final list, and the brainstorming list

I will collate the list and we can vote on an ordered list of priorities just like last year.

ACTION In the first instance can you please forward me (on the list if possible for visibility) what else should be on the list.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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