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[] Agenda for Wednesday's Meeting

Hi folks,

Our monthly planning council meeting[1] is this Wednesday. I hope to see you there.


Top of the list is PGP:

- Wayne volunteered at a previous meeting[2] to have a go at a digestible document for consumption by the IDE WG Steering Committee to help unlock. Not sure if there is anything else to discuss on this yet.
- Any updates to share/discuss on "Assess and Improve the Platform's p2 PGP Signing Infrastructure" [3]
- Action item[4] of having a vote completed [5]

Other items
- Status of Top 3 - These have been converted to gitlab issue[6].
- 2022-03 Status
- Membership in the Planning Council review and update

See you Wednesday at 10:30am Ottawa time. Following meeting is March 2nd.



Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

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