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Re: [] [cross-project-issues-dev] m2e 1.18.0 and SimRel 2021-06

This is kind an ongoing nightmare because I already committed the catalog changes to refer to but now that needs to change to and I don't know if EPP needs to respin to produce yet something else new different from to deal with these changes in SimRel...

I tested with installed the Committers package with JustJ Java 16.0.1 and can see these installed:

I'm not sure how to test that the m2e console is working properly...

Let me hang out and await the latest surprises updates....

On 04.06.2021 09:57, Frederic Gurr wrote:
Hi Jonah,

Re-running the aggregator build updated only the staging repo. The missing step was promoting the staging repo to releases. I've fixed this with assistance from Mikael.

RC1 had a lot of bad timing, including me not being near a laptop for a long weekend and having to do release engineering on a smartphone. :/



On Thu, 3 Jun 2021, 20:57 Jonah Graham, <jonah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Thank you Melanie.

I have started the rebuild.

@Frederic Gurr - I hope I haven't done anything wrong - I have reenabled and triggered the build and will disable it when it is done again.


Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

On Thu, 3 Jun 2021 at 14:37, Mélanie Bats <melanie.bats@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Jonah,

Le 03/06/2021 à 19:39, Jonah Graham a écrit :
> I submitted the simrel change for m2e -
> <>
> I am concerned it is getting to be after work in Europe and less people
> than normal would see this message.
> Can someone (planning council perhaps?) give me a +1 to rebuild RC1 so
> that the EPP for RC1 tomorrow can have new m2e?
Mélanie Bats
+33 7 87 69 42 84

25 Boulevard Victor Hugo - Colomiers - France
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