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[] Eclipse IDE Working Group Proposal

Greetings Eclipse Planning Council.

With the support of the Eclipse Foundation’s Board of Directors, we are initiating the creation of an Eclipse IDE Working Group. This new working group will be formed to ensure the continued sustainability, integrity, evolution, and adoption of the Eclipse IDE suite of products and related technologies. In particular, it is formed to provide governance, guidance, and funding for the communities that support the delivery of the Eclipse Foundation’s flagship “Eclipse IDE” products. 

We want to make clear the working group does not have a mandate to drive any new marketing initiatives beyond what is already done for the quarterly releases; the funds garnered will be applied to supporting the release engineering and release management activities in support of the projects and the quarterly releases. 

The working group will provide member-led collaboration to coordinate efforts and investments. In particular, the Planning Council that has existed for many years will be placed under the auspices of this working group. It will help to provide the resources necessary for the future evolution of the Eclipse IDE and related products and services. It will provide resources for overall project management and release engineering. The working group will own decisions with regard to things like which packages are listed on downloads pages [1,2,3], stewardship of the Eclipse Marketplace, the nature of fundraising activities,  etc.

Via the Planning Council, the working group will work with the participating open source projects to ensure that the work that they’re doing produces consistent results that are appropriately integrated into the simultaneous release. They will facilitate coordination of all of the technical work done on behalf of the projects, orchestrate and produce the builds of intermediate products, and otherwise manage the release train to line the projects up so that we end the day with downloadable packages and installers.

In the future, the working group may further look to enhance the sustained value proposition of the Eclipse IDE and its related products. For example, the working group may look to enable capabilities related to long-term support of versions of the IDE.

The discussions related to this will be happening on the working group mailing list.  All are welcome to join the conversation.







Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation

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