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Re: [] Refactoring SimRel release plan wiki pages

Thanks, I like it!


From:        Frederic Gurr <frederic.gurr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        Eclipse Planning Council private list <>
Date:        29.08.2019 17:10
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] [] Refactoring SimRel release plan wiki        pages
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This has been bothering me for a quite a while, so I finally got to it

The SimRel release plan wiki pages, e.g.


contain 95% boiler-plate information that does not change between
releases. The only thing that is genuine, is the table containing the
release dates.

This table alone does not justify a separate wiki page, so I've added
this information to the release category page (and joined it with the
list of "important dates").

The boiler-plate release information can be found at is linked
to from every release category page.

So far, I've set this up for the 2019-09, 2019-12 and 2020-03 (dates
TBD) release:

Redirects are in place for:

So for upcoming releases, we only need to duplicate the release category
page and adapt the release name, dates, etc.

Please let me know, if you have any questions, concerns or tips for



Frederic Gurr
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