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Re: [] Fw: [cross-project-issues-dev] SimRel 2019-09 RC2 crashes on Windows 10 on inline rename in the Project Explorer

It seems GEF was wanting a respin as well and has already contributed to fix to their SimRel aggrcon file.  If we're going to respin, we might as well include their fix too I think.

On 16.09.2019 16:48, Daniel Megert wrote:
<adding planning council>

Bad news!

The inline rename crashes reliably in the following scenario:

In Project Explorer press 'F2' to start inline renaming and press 'Enter'. Now switch focus to an editor after successful rename. For some editors it won't crash, but switching focus back to Project Explorer leads to a crash.

This means any Windows 10 user that tries to rename a file which supports inline rename will get a crash. This is a blocker.

There are other scenarios where the crash happens, also in the Navigator. For details see

The Eclipse PMC decided to remove the feature as it also has a very bad user experience. We delivered the fix and will do a respin of Platform/SDK build shortly. We do not see any user friendly alternative to respin the train repo and the EPPs. Hopefully we can still do this on time for the release on Wednesday.


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Date:        13.09.2019 16:02
Subject:        Fw: [EXTERNAL] [cross-project-issues-dev] SimRel 2019-09 RC2 crashes on Windows 10 on inline rename in the Project Explorer

Moving to Eclipse PMC.

The changes are not small and we're past RC2 and supposed to ship next week. I'm currently tending to not revert.

PMC members, please chime in.


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Date:        13.09.2019 14:38
Subject:        [EXTERNAL] [cross-project-issues-dev] SimRel 2019-09 RC2 crashes on Windows 10 on inline rename in the Project Explorer
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At least on my Windows 10 computer, the Java VM crashes (immediately or
after a delay) when using the new inline rename feature (F2) in the
Project Explorer. Changes of files that have not yet been saved will be

I've tested it on two more computers. On another Windows 7 computer with
the same Eclipse IDE and JRE it did not crash, but on another Windows 10
computer it did. The issue seems to occur on Windows 10 independent of
the CPU/GPU, of the Java VM and of the IDE package.

Therefore I suggest, as long as bug 550857 ( is
not fixed, to revert inline renaming in the Project Explorer (bug 548877


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