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[] Managing opt-in/opt-out

Greetings Eclipse Planning Council.

The entire purpose of having an opt-in process is to ensure that project teams are paying attention so that issues can be identified and remediated.

As of now, we have 26 projects that participated in the previous release that have not formally opted-in to participate in the 2019-09 release.  Clearly 26 project teams aren't paying attention. 

What is the consensus of the Eclipse Planning Council regarding what we do about that? Shall we disable these projects' aggrcon files?

Perhaps we need to account for (Northern hemisphere) summer vacations in our process...

Note that I noticed today that Eclipse PMF has no committers. I've scheduled a termination review for that project and will ask Fred to remove that project's aggrcon file.


Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

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