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[eclipse.org-planning-council] Update from meeting with Eclipse Foundation Marketing department


I suppose you know the story of me stepping up as a link between this council and Eclipse Foundation (EF) marketing department so I'll just get to the interesting part.

I had an introductory call with Thabang the following points are to be emphasized:
Let me know if this is not what you expected.

Now to the specifics of the 2018-12 release. They have prepared a landing page for it. I've linked two PDFs at the end so you can see what theyÂlook like. The 'rollover' version shows the content of the 6 boxes that show up if you mouse-over one of the circles.

The content in those boxes is expected to come from us. If you have no objections I will provide a draft for those and put them to you for review. Alternatively you can also propose anything you might want to see there.

I also have asked them to prominently feature a link to this page from the home page through a big banner at the top and the footer.

To summarize what is needed of us by Dec 7 is:
  • Sarika's N&N content as already agreed in the thread
  • A marketing-friendly summary for the 6-box content from 'me' as mentioned above
Let me know if you have any question.

Normal landing page
Rollover on mouse-over landing page

Sopot Cela

Software Engineering Manager