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Re: [eclipse.org-planning-council] Release Train Name: Eclipse IDE

So it's now the "Eclipse Classic IDE release train 2018-12"?Â

So much for the brevity of "Eclipse Simrel 2018-12".Â

-1, since we'll have to deal with "what do you mean by 'Classic'?" questions, and because Coke Classic was introduced to recover from a terrible marketing snafu. Do we REALLY want to remind people of New Coke? Are we implying that failing to name the train something with a Q after Photon was an equally bad marketing decision, but we're not actually introducing a better name, just pragmatically differentiating from the other trains which don't release quarterly?Â

This feels about as creative as calling the web server httpd to differentiate it from the Apache Foundation.Â

TL;DR, I think we can do better.Â


On Mon, Oct 29, 2018 at 11:37 AM Daniel Megert <daniel_megert@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ed, Alex and I had a meeting with the Eclipse Foundation folks at Eclipse Con Europe. We came to an agreement that our release train can use "Eclipse IDE". We can use this in splash screens, landing pages and everywhere where the scope is clear. The Eclipse Foundation can use another name where the scope is not clear, e.g. downloads page, main page, marketing, etc. Most likely they will use "Eclipse Classic IDE", but that is not yet nailed in stone.

In our Planning Council face-to-face meeting at EclipseCon Europe everyone approved that,

Please vote on our release train name until November 5. We assume silent consensus.


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