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[] Opt-in process


During the call yesterday, the opt-in process was discussed.

The opt-in process is still not clear for everyone. It was written on the FAQ[1] : "The period to join the simultaneous release is at the beginning of any cycle, four times a year. The project needs to declare its intention to join before the +0 (Friday) of the M1 release week. The "statement of intent" is still exactly the same as today: projects must formally announce their participation on the cross-projects-issues-dev mailing list. Once a year, EMO will take care of organizing the “opt-in” process as it is today, so that all projects already in the train can declare their intention to continue. Those not opting to continue will be removed, but can be re-added should their intention change."

This means that projects should opt-in before July 13th for the 2018-09 release.

We agreed during the call that the opt-in will occur once a year after the June release and means that project will be in for a year.

If it is ok, I will clarify the situation on the FAQ and on cross-project.

Best regards,

Mélanie Bats
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