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Re: [] What are the new simrel URLs for the post-Photon trains?

FYI, For those who don't know what folders are there now, this is how it looks:

I thought the general consensus was to create a new 2018-09 in directly parallel to these.  So I'm not sure the point of a new intermediate container folder, because regardless of what we call it, won't it still have to have a subfolder with a name like 2018-09? Or are you suggesting simrel itself be directly the name for the 2018-09 release (because the name to be used for the next one)?

Perhaps you can outline what folders you think should/will all exist and which will represent composites and which will represent simple repositories?  For example, all the folders in staging are currently simple repositories.  All the folders in releases are currently composites with nested folders representing releases/milestones.  I could imagine the simple approach is we continue to follow this same approach and use 2018-09 in place of ++photon.  So I'm not sure exactly what you're proposing nor how that will look for ++++photon.


On 28.06.2018 15:21, Nick Boldt wrote:
Greetings Planning Council,

I don't recall if we ever formalized what URL segment we agreed to use for the post-Photon train update sites.

So, I've asked webmaster to create two new folders called "simrel" for now:

If you have any better suggestions (quark? queue? tres? train?), or want to upvote the request, here's the BZ:



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