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Re: [] Next Planning Council call : May 2

Le 30/04/2018 à 14:58, Daniel Megert a écrit :
If you have any topic to add, please answer to this mail.

We should discuss _bug 532220_ <>: Naming Photon+ (Rolling Simultaneous Release) and hopefully come to a decision.

It was discussed during the previous meeting and the decision was as written in the meeting notes ( "The planning council concludes that the naming must be inclusive enough. It was decided to use the following pattern for the name : Eclipse MM-YYYY.
The urls should be : SimultaneousReleases/year/month."

I let a month to the planning council to react to this, as there is no new exchange about that I would close the bugzilla accordingly.

Best regards,
Mélanie Bats
+33 7 87 69 42 84
+33 5 34 57 16 29

25 Boulevard Victor Hugo - Colomiers - France

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