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Re: [] Corrosion project (Rust IDE) wants to join Eclipse Photon release for M7



From:        Aleksandar Kurtakov <akurtako@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:        Eclipse Planning Council private list <>
Date:        19.04.2018 18:21
Subject:        [] Corrosion project (Rust IDE) wants        to join Eclipse Photon release for M7
Sent by:

On behalf of Corrosion project and as Tools PMC representative I'm asking for exception for (really) late addition to Photon release train for M7.
Rust language is fast gaining popularity and this project is working hard to provide a complete IDE for Rust developers. The project is done according to latest standards for language tooling - using RustLS  (the official language server developed by the Rust community) and all the Eclipse projects providing easy glue - LSP4E, LSP4J, TM4E and etc.
The project looks to provide a dedicated EPP package for Rust developers but a prerequisite for generating an EPP package is the project to be part of the release train. As no other projects depends on it I believe the change will not cause any disruption.
Please give your opinion on the topic. I'm looking forward to Eclipse based Rust IDE!

Original mail to Tools PMC list with all the links:

Discussion regarding Eclipse Corrosion: the Eclipse IDE for Rust

This is a request for Corrosion to join the Photon Simultaneous release. To do such I require the PMC and planning council to approve the below request.
(Request first made here: sent to get approval from the planning council)

Please excuse the late request, the project joined Eclipse at M4 but is required within the SimRel for Corrosion to be released through EPP to allow for a lighter weight IDE for Rust developers and to offer the first one-click-download Rust IDE.

Project Name: Eclipse Corrosion
Project Info:
Eclipse Corrosion provides development tools for Rust and Cargo inside the Eclipse IDE.
More info can be found in the initial project proposal:

Release Record:
Intended Release to join Photon SimRel: 0.1.0 (
Offset: +3


Alexander Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse Team
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