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Re: [] Corrosion project (Rust IDE) wants to join Eclipse Photon release for M7



> Am 19.04.2018 um 18:21 schrieb Aleksandar Kurtakov <akurtako@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> On behalf of Corrosion project and as Tools PMC representative I'm asking for exception for (really) late addition to Photon release train for M7.
> Rust language is fast gaining popularity and this project is working hard to provide a complete IDE for Rust developers. The project is done according to latest standards for language tooling - using RustLS  (the official language server developed by the Rust community) and all the Eclipse projects providing easy glue - LSP4E, LSP4J, TM4E and etc.
> The project looks to provide a dedicated EPP package for Rust developers but a prerequisite for generating an EPP package is the project to be part of the release train. As no other projects depends on it I believe the change will not cause any disruption. 
> Please give your opinion on the topic. I'm looking forward to Eclipse based Rust IDE!
> Original mail to Tools PMC list with all the links:
> Discussion regarding Eclipse Corrosion: the Eclipse IDE for Rust
> This is a request for Corrosion to join the Photon Simultaneous release. To do such I require the PMC and planning council to approve the below request.
> (Request first made here: then sent to get approval from the planning council)
> Please excuse the late request, the project joined Eclipse at M4 but is required within the SimRel for Corrosion to be released through EPP to allow for a lighter weight IDE for Rust developers and to offer the first one-click-download Rust IDE.
> Project Name: Eclipse Corrosion
> Project Info:
> Eclipse Corrosion provides development tools for Rust and Cargo inside the Eclipse IDE.
> More info can be found in the initial project proposal:
> Release Record:
> Intended Release to join Photon SimRel: 0.1.0 (
> Offset: +3
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> Alexander Kurtakov
> Red Hat Eclipse Team
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