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Re: [] Simultaneous Release Brainstorming


I updated the FAQ according to what we discussed yesterday in the call, please review it :

Main changes :
* Milestones: in the cycle instead of checkpoints
* Naming : I will open a bugzilla to track the discussion about that point
* Tracking and opt-in process

I will put the FAQ on the wiki tomorrow.

I will send also tomorrow the following mail to cross-project :

The planning council has decided to change the simultaneous release cadence after Photon to give up with the year long ramp-up to the release for a rolling release.

After Photon, we will move from a 1 year release cycle to a 13 weeks cycle. The releases will occur end of June, September, December and March each year.

There are many different motivations to update the release cadence. The main ones are:
* Ease the update from one release to another for the end user
* Let developers provide new features faster to their users
* Simplify the maintenance by keeping only one stream for contributors

The release cycle would be :
M1 Friday    Week 3
M2 Friday    Week 6
M3 Friday    Week 9
RC1 Friday   Week 10 : API & Feature freeze
RC2 Friday   Week 11 : Only fixes, all code is done by the end of RC2
GA Wednesday Week 13

Due to this rolling release, our yearly code name pattern does not make sense anymore. This is still under discussion a bugzilla is open to continue the discussion on this topic: xxxxx

A FAQ is available on the wiki to answer the most common questions about this new cycle :

Best regards"

Thanks for your reviews,
Mélanie Bats
+33 7 87 69 42 84
+33 5 34 57 16 29

25 Boulevard Victor Hugo - Colomiers - France

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