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Re: [] Eclipse Target Management to re-join Eclipse Photon Release for M6?



From:        Nick Boldt <nboldt@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:        "" <>
Date:        26.02.2018 18:10
Subject:        [] Eclipse Target Management to re-join        Eclipse Photon Release for M6?
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Greetings Eclipse Planning Council members,

The Eclipse Target Management project has missed the M4 deadline, but would still like to participate in the Eclipse Photon release.

As a new committer for TM, I've updated the RSE build so it runs against the latest Eclipse Photon 4.8 milestone bits [0].


Here's what I sent to tm-dev last week:  

The project's builds are currently in the aggregation (AFAICT they were not cleaned them out yet [1]), so the impact of this addition should be minimal - I just need to provide a new URL from which to aggregate the 2 RSE features. I believe this to be very low risk.


I hereby ask the Eclipse Planning Council to grant the Eclipse TM project an exception to allow them to opt-in to participate in the Eclipse Photon release despite missing the deadline.

Please signal your agreement by voting +1 on this thread.



Nick Boldt

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