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[] Eclipse ACTF to join Eclipse Photon Release

Greetings Eclipse Planning Council members,

The Eclipse ACTF project has missed the M4 deadline, but would still like to participate in the Eclipse Photon release.

The project lead posted this on cross-project-issues-dev

Excuse me for this last-minute notice, but if possible ACTF would like to
contribute 1.6.0 to Photon (Offset +3).
Currently, ACTF only supports 32 bit version. We will continue support for
it based on this 1.6.0 release, and will switch to 64 bit version.

The project's builds are currently in the aggregation (we haven't cleaned them out yet), so the impact of this addition should be minimal. I believe this to be very low risk.

I'll admit to some concern regarding the lack of support for 64 bit, but this has clearly not been an issue before now.

I hereby ask the Eclipse Planning Council, on behalf of the Eclipse Technology PMC, to grant the Eclipse ACTF project an exception to allow them to opt-in to participate in the Eclipse Photon release despite missing the deadline.

Please signal your agreement by voting +1 on this thread.


Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects
The Eclipse Foundation

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