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Re: [] Finalizing the Eclipse Oxygen.x update release dates

Hi Nick,

Thanks for bringing up the release dates.

On 26.07.2017 23:04, Nick Boldt wrote:
> Some time ago [1], it was proposed to have the following dates for the
> Oxygen.x update releases, but that was blocked from being ratified by
> some months of debate about what to do about JDK9's release.
> Since JDK9 has slipped to Sept 21 [2], I'd like to ask again if these
> are the dates we want to work toward, and if not, what additional
> changes are required to make everyone happy. For example, do we want to
> adjust the September release's GA date from 09/27 to 09/21 to more
> closely align with the JDK9 release date?

I had already added this question to the agenda of the Planning Council
meeting in July (which got canceled). So it's now on the agenda for next
week's call
Adjusting the GA date to 09/21 potentially conflicts(?) with the Photon
M2 release. So this should definitely be discussed and decided next week.

> [1]
> [2]
> If we all agree with at least the .2 and .3 dates (but further debate is
> needed for the .1 September dates), I can start putting at least the .2
> and .3 release dates into the Planning Council calendar and the wiki
> page [3] so that everyone can see them and plan accordingly. 
> [3]
> Note that TODAY is the end of the checkpoint week (based on the Neon.x
> dates [4])

Thanks for the reminder! :)

> [4] 
> *I will assume that if I haven't heard from anyone in 24 hours that you
> all agree with the dates below. *
> [...]



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