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[] JDK 9 release moves to Sept / time to ratify Oxygen.1 schedule!

As you may have seen [0], the July 27 date for JDK 9 GA and Oxygen.1 / JDK 9 Update release has most likely changed to September 21, a slip of 8 weeks.


This means that we no longer need to do a July release, and can simply include the JDK 9 stuff in the September Oxygen.1 update [1]. 


If there are no objections by EOD today to the proposed new JDK 9 dates [0] and the new JDK 9 GA date becomes Sept 21, can we therefore ratify the currently proposed dates for the Oxygen.1 September release (GA Wed Sept 27)? 

Or do we want to shift that release back by one week so we can synchronize with the JDK 9 release date of Thurs Sept 21?

Note that the wiki schedule and planning council's Google Calendar [2] don't have actual dates yet, other than Sept 2017, but these dates Fred proposed back in February [3] look reasonable. 

Can we get them entered into the wiki and the calendar after tomorrow's planning call? (I will help if required - just need to know they're official, not tentative.)




Nick Boldt

Senior Software Engineer, RHCSA

Productization Lead :: JBoss Tools & Dev Studio

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