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Re: [] Meeting this Wednesday


Since I won’t be able to join the meeting itself, I would like to share my thoughts on Java9 here.
Hope that is fine with you all.

- I strongly argue for keeping the Oxygen.0 release date as it is
- but I also strongly argue for including the existing Java9 work in this release

I still don’t understand why we can’t do that. IntelliJ can do that (, Netbeans does it somehow (, we should do it. We should phrase it as early-access support for a specific JDK9 EA build - and not as full Java9 support. It would be great to tell people that this works with Java9EA build number XYZ and that this piece might break on future Java9 builds.

- then ship Oxygen.1 in time with Java9 GA

The same applies from my point of view for the JUnit5 support.
We should include the existing JUnit5 support and let people know that this is compatible with JUnit 5 EA build no. XYZ. And that it might break with future JUnit5 builds (not worse than having no Junit5 support at all). Then ship support for the latest JUnit5 builds or GA versions with Oxygen.1 (.2/.3) builds.

Just my 2 cents on these two topics.


> Am 03.04.2017 um 22:27 schrieb Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Greetings Planning Council.
> Let this serve as your gentle reminder that we have a meeting scheduled for April 5/2017 at noon (EDT). Call-in details are in the wiki [1].
> I have two items on the agenda so far:
>    Finalize our plans with regard to a July Java 9 Release
>    Neon.3 Update Problems: To Fix and Howto Fix?
> It would be handy if somebody could please volunteer to describe the Neon.3 update problem and lead the discussion around our options for resolution. Any takers?
> Feel free to add items to the agenda.
> Thanks,
> Wayne
> [1]
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