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Re: [] Oxygen service release dates and Oxygen+1 release dates

Hi Wayne

I've already commented on the original thread and it looks like the comments are not incorporated.

First, the name "Oxygen JDK Update" is misleading. It should say "Oxygen Java 9 Update", assuming we only allow Java 9 related updates. Otherwise, it should be a "normal" release, called Update 1. Also, the date is wrong. It must be aligned to the Java 9 GA date (July 27). Therefore, the checkpoint date should probably be moved. In addition, such a release also needs RC dates.

Like Nick, I can't find a decision in the meeting minutes regarding how to deal with Java 9. My vote is to keep Oxygen in June and have an Update 1 release in July for Java 9 and other interested parties.


From:        Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        01.03.2017 19:44
Subject:        Re: [] Oxygen service release dates and        Oxygen+1 release dates
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Please express your concerns regarding the dates for Oxygen updates and Photon.

We'll assume lazy consensus on March 8/2017 and make it official.

Thanks for your attention.


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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