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Re: [] Oxygen service release dates and Oxygen+1 release dates

I'm not sure what you mean by "Oxygen JDK Update         Friday, 08/04".

Is that the release we discussed to handle Java 9? if so, the date must match the Java 9 GA date.


From:        Frederic Gurr <frederic.gurr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        09.02.2017 18:12
Subject:        [] Oxygen service release dates and        Oxygen+1 release dates
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Here is my proposal for the Oxygen service release dates and the
Oxygen+1 release dates. I've basically taken last/this year's dates and
adapted them accordingly. Please see below for my questions. Once the
planning council approves, I will communicate these dates on the
cross-project-issues-dev mailing list.

Oxygen Service Releases

Oxygen GA                Wednesday, 06/28/2017

Oxygen.1 Checkpoint      Wednesday, 07/27 (no EPP packages, no release)
Oxygen JDK Update        Friday, 08/04
Oxygen.1 RC1             Friday, 08/25
Oxygen.1 RC2             Friday, 09/01
Oxygen.1 RC3             Friday, 09/08
Oxygen.1 RC4             Friday, 09/15
Oxygen.1 Quiet Week      Friday, 09/15 - Tuesday, 09/26
Oxygen.1 GA              Wednesday, 09/27/2017

Oxygen.2 Checkpoint      Wednesday, 10/19 (no EPP packages, no release)
Oxygen.2 RC1             Friday, 11/17
Oxygen.2 RC2             Friday, 11/24
Oxygen.2 RC3             Friday, 12/01
Oxygen.2 RC4             Friday, 12/08
Oxygen.2 Quiet Week      Friday, 12/08 - Tuesday, 12/19
Oxygen.2 GA              Wednesday, 12/20/2017

Oxygen.3 Checkpoint      Wednesday, 01/17 (no EPP packages, no release)
Oxygen.3 RC1             Friday, 02/16
Oxygen.3 RC2             Friday, 02/23
Oxygen.3 RC3             Friday, 03/02
Oxygen.3 RC4             Friday, 03/09
Oxygen.3 Quiet Week      Friday, 03/09 - Tuesday, 03/20
Oxygen.3 GA              Wednesday, 03/21/2018


Oxygen GA                 Wednesday, 06/28/2017
JDK9 GA                   Thursday, 07/27
Oxygen JDK Update         Friday, 08/04

Oxygen+1 M1               Friday, 08/11, (6 weeks from Oxygen GA)
Oxygen+1 M2               Friday, 09/22, (6 weeks from M1)

Oxygen.1                  Wednesday, 09/27/2017

Oxygen+1 M3               Friday, 11/03, (6 weeks from M2)
Oxygen+1 M4               Friday, 12/15/2017, (6 weeks from M3)

Oxygen.2                  Wednesday, 12/20/2017

Oxygen+1 M5               Friday, 02/02/2018 (7 weeks from M4, *)
Oxygen+1 M6               Friday, 03/16, (6 weeks from M5)

Oxygen.3                  Wednesday, 03/21/2018

Devoxx US 2018 ?

Oxygen+1 M7               Friday, 05/18 (8 weeks from M6, **)

Oxygen+1 RC1              Friday, 05/25
Oxygen+1 RC2              Friday, 06/01
Oxygen+1 RC3              Friday, 06/08
Oxygen+1 RC4              Friday, 06/15
Oxygen+1 Quiet week       Monday, 06/18 - Tuesday, 06/26

Oxygen+1 GA               Wednesday, 06/27/2018

*  extra week for end-of-year holidays
** extra week for EclipseCon/Devoxx US

1. Is one "buffer" week between JDK9 GA and the Oxygen JDK Update
release enough?
2. Not sure why there were eight weeks planned between Oxygen M6 and M7,
instead of seven weeks (six plus extra week). So I'm open how it should
be handled for Oxygen+1.

Please let me know, if you have any concerns, suggestions, etc.



Frederic Gurr

Release Engineer
Eclipse Foundation
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