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Re: [] Can LDT join the Eclipse Oxygen Simultaneous Release?

GIven they are in M5 it seems better to me to include them, but if the process is for them to petition via their PMC for an exception I don't see why we shouldn't follow it. It would be nice to know they are paying enough attention to do that.


Sam Davis
Senior Software Engineer, Tasktop
Committer, Eclipse Mylyn

On Wed, Feb 8, 2017 at 1:34 PM, Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Greetings Planning Council.

I managed to connect with the Eclipse LDT project regarding their participation in the Eclipse Oxygen release. LDT was part of the Eclipse Mars and Eclipse Neon releases.

I'm a little concerned that they did not respond to my numerous notes on cross-project-issues-dev. Either they weren't connected or weren't listening (neither of these scenarios are particularly comforting). It looks like they're paying attention now.

Their aggregation file was never deactivated, so their bits are in M5. I believe that this means that there is actually more risk in excluding them.

According to my understanding of the rules, since they missed the M4 deadline, they're supposed petition via their PMC for an exception to be included in the release.

I started typing this note thinking that I'd ask for an opinion from the Planning Council regarding whether or not such a petition is necessary. While typing this note, it sort of morphed into a petition for an exception. I'm not a member of the Tools PMC, however, so I will defer to their representative and offer my humble apology if I've overstepped my bounds or have otherwise misrepresented their interests.

So... the question is... Can LDT join the Eclipse Oxygen Simultaneous Release?

I'd rather avoid lazy consensus, so your vote will be appreciated.



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Sry for the late declaration, if it's still possible, the LDT project will participate in the Eclipse Oxygen simultaneous release with an offset of +3.

This will be with the 1.4.1 :


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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