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Re: [] Reminder of "First Wednesday" meeting, November 2, 12 Noon Eastern.

On 11/02/2016 12:42 AM, David Williams wrote:

I have updated our agenda with my notes.

Nick, I tried to merge your comments and mine, but I did do some minor editing. Feel free to edit further if you desire.

All PC Members, feel free to correct any errors or omissions I have made.

I have outlined an agenda at

PC Members: feel free to add items you would like to cover.

Nick, I already added a link to your Type A vs. Type B licenses message but feel free to write more in the agenda if you'd prefer.

Please note Daylight Saving Time difference: I know some of you have already ended daylight saving time. But we in North America have not. (Ours ends on November 6 this year). Be sure to check the link (1200 Noon Eastern) in the agenda if it helps coordinate the time.

Thanks (and apologies for the "late" agenda -- I've had too much fun coding lately 

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