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[] Reminder of "nearly first Wednesday" meeting, June 8, 12 noon

I have an initial draft agenda at

Nick, I have added your item to the agenda, but to answer your question, Neon.1 is going to be at the same time as Oxygen M2. So, I guess we need an Oxygen plan first. And, doubt I will have time to create one by tomorrow, much less allow time for everyone to review it. Sorry I am behind schedule already!  But if you had any specific concerns, or desire, please say.


From:        Nick Boldt <nickboldt@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        06/02/2016 11:20 AM
Subject:        [] Neon.1 schedule
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For next week's call on Jun 8, can we address getting dates on the
calendar for Neon.1 [1], and maybe even the future updates too?

I'd like to know how many RCs will precede the Final/GA release, and
when in September those will be.



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