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Re: [] Proposed new day for November meeting

No, not too late. I'd think that state holiday might effect several.  I would prefer not to have it much later than that, though, since I think a lot to do before M4.

I'll try one more concrete suggestion, Monday, 11/9 1 PM Eastern (Note, not only an hour later than usual but also this is "right after" DST ends in North America, so be sure to convert to your local time).

If that doesn't work, for some, I'll start a doodle poll (is that the best method?) with every day between 11/4 and 11/11 and we'll pick the one that most can make.

Thanks for pointing that out, Sam.

Others, please say if this is a time you can not make, and we'll take a survey. But, if no complaints within a week (October 20) we'll assume 11/9 is it.

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Hi David,

2) Our meeting in November will be the second Wednesday, (11/11/2015) so as to not overlap Eclipse Con Europe.

I just realized that is a stat holiday (Remembrance Day) in Canada. Is it too late to reschedule?

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