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[] FW: Respin of Mars 1 for Buildship

For your consideration.

I’ve commented on the cross-projects list with my thinking here. Since we don’t seem to have a way to ensure we get maintenance releases of the projects to users of the EPP packages, we have to do what’s right for the users of those packages and fix these problems how we can. And unfortunately, right now, that requires a respin.


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Date: Wednesday, September 23, 2015 at 7:28 AM
To: Tools PMC mailing list <tools-pmc@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [tools-pmc] [Request] Respin of Mars 1


I’d like to ask the Tools PMC to do a re-spin of Mars 1 due to a critical bug in Buildship 1.0.3, the Buildship version that is currently in Mars 1 RC4 and its EPP packages (Java / Committer / RCP). The bug has been fixed in Buildship 1.0.5.

Some details below:

What is the bug?
Buildship calls Bundle#start() to eagerly activate its UI plugin. This is a problem since it causes the OSGi framework to persistently mark that bundle for eager activation upon restart. Once Eclipse is restarted, the bundle that was persistently activated will be activated very early in the startup process which will likely cause it to touch preferences 'too early' which results in no workspace prompt and the default workspace being used.

How does the bug become apparent?
Once a Gradle task has been launched from the Tasks View, the user will not be prompted for the workspace anymore the next time he starts Eclipse, but instead the very default Eclipse workspace is used.

Who is affected?
The bug affects those users (and only those users) that run a Gradle task through Buildship from within Eclipse.

When was the bug identified and investigated?
We were able to confirm that this is a Buildship bug yesterday. We also found the cause and a fix yesterday. All Buildship versions < 1.0.5 contain the bug.

When was this bug introduced?
The bug is there since June 6th, as we have found out in retrospect (yesterday).

Why was this bug not found earlier?
Most likely, because the relation between Buildship and how the bug manifests itself in Eclipse is not obvious to the user observing the issue.

Is there a fix available?
Yes, the fix is available in Buildship 1.0.5, available as of last night. It has been confirmed by three Gradle forum users that the issue has been resolved in Buildship 1.0.5 .

I believe that it is critical for the introduction of Buildship into the Eclipse SimRel and the Eclipse distributions that we get this fix in for Mars 1. Otherwise, it will be a bad start for Buildship, especially considering that the bug was known before the release and a fix would have been available. Also, users might associate the bug with a general Eclipse problem, which could cause unfair frustrations about the Eclipse IDE.

Thanks for considering it.

Regards, Etienne

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