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Re: [] [] The "Eclipse Projects" Market

Maybe the C++ one is a better example. We have a tonne of optional
features for the CDT that aren¹t included in the C++ package. We need to
find a better way to present these to users and the Marketplace is a great


On 2015-05-01, 4:42 PM, "Marcel Bruch" <marcel.bruch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>I¹ve no opinion or proposals yet but I¹ve some trouble to contrast this
>approach with the existing EPP packages and (elsewhere discussed)
>Oomph-based standard profiles.
>More concrete:
>Can you elaborate how, for instance, the Java Developer Tools Feature on
>the Marketplace will be different to EPP Java package?
>Bug 459905 sounds like this. Thus, I¹m missing the key motivation for
>this step. I assume that you are looking for a greater flexibility than
>we have today with EPP. Is this the main motivation?
>Will EPP packages disappear some time soon?
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