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Re: [] Simultaneous Release Feature Names and Categories

Hi Wayne,

> I'd particularly like to know if there are any concerns that I'm on the wrong path.

Seems to me it is on the right path ... or, at least not "wrong".
I think only thing controversial is how much "casual users" want source, or not. Some do, some don't. From what I can tell. Frankly, I'd be happy if a project would just "pick one" ... to be in a category ... and if source was provided, it would also include the "runtime" and then not especially necessary to have "source" as part of the _name_ of the feature. (though, it'd still be in the "id" and probably the "description").

But, overall, I think it is "close enough" to open a cross-project bug, just for visibility, and to get feedback from a wider audience.  

> Is there a relatively easy means of generating a text-based categorized listing of the features from the repository?

No, not that I know of ... if you mean the feature IDs. Well, unless you are fluent with XSL.  While I am not fluent with XSL, that'd probably be the approach I'd take, using the content.jar/xml file. Or ... I might even just get the content.jar/xml file ... and hack around with some editor macros. When working with content.xml file, the "key" is <property name='org.eclipse.equinox.p2.type.category' value='true'/>. "Up" from there gives you "category name" and following that, gives you a lot of "required" elements, which specifies the feature ids (well, the "" ids).

But, "yes", if you just want the names. The "Install new software" dialog, does the right thing, if you "select all" and "copy" and then "paste" in a text editor.
And, by "select all", I mean "ctrl-a" ... not the button that says "Select All".
You do have to "expand" each category yourself, one at a time. And best to check "show only latest" but uncheck the one about "show only current environment" and "hide already insalled". Below is a partial listing, where I expanded a few categories, but had others closed (and this is for Luna repo -- what I had handy :).


= = = = =

  Application Development Frameworks        
    Eclipse Scout
    Sapphire Eclipse Platform Support
    Sapphire GEF Editor Support
    Sapphire Java Developer Tools Support
    Sapphire Java Support
    Sapphire OSGi Support
    Sapphire SDK
    Sapphire Source
    Sapphire User Interface
    Sapphire XML Editor Support
    Sapphire XML Support
  Business Intelligence, Reporting and Charting        
    BIRT Framework        4.4.1.v201408290142-DPEq8eGixAot6Wst_F1wRaIdN1Ls
    Eclipse BIRT Chart Context Sensitive Help Documentation        4.4.1.v201408290142-5307w31251A192166
    Eclipse BIRT Context Sensitive Help Documentation        4.4.1.v201408290142-5307w31251A192166
    Eclipse BIRT Documentation        4.4.1.v201408290142-5307w31251A192166
    Eclipse BIRT Example        4.4.1.v201408290142-7T7R6DZRDKeE5QAEJfU
    Eclipse BIRT Source Feature        4.4.1.v201408290142-DPEq8eGixAot6Wst_F1wRaIdN1Ls
  Database Development        
    Data Tools Platform Enablement Extender SDK        1.12.0.v201406061321-7IAB-FE9JgeWjZZhMd-z0vb1ifD4
    Data Tools Platform Extender SDK        1.12.0.v201406061321-7PB21FEpPZQXdcX0z-_yMM0Hfz0w
  EclipseRT Target Platform Components        
    BIRT Engine OSGi Runtime SDK Feature        4.4.1.v201408290142-7977188UG5FBRLt04mD4J2q_KXM1
    ECF OSGi Remote Services SDK        3.9.0.v20140818-1747
    ECF Patch for Eclipse Kepler (4.3).  Not needed for Eclipse Luna (4.4).        3.9.0.v20140818-1747
    ECF SDK for Eclipse        3.9.0.v20140818-1747
    Eclipse Scout Runtime
    Eclipse Scout Runtime RAP
    Eclipse Scout Runtime RAP Basic Target (Binary only)
    Eclipse Scout Runtime Testing
    Eclipse Scout Runtime Testing RAP
    EclipseLink Target Components        2.6.0.v20130815-a4708b6
    EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework SDK        2.10.1.v20140901-1055
    EMF RAP Target Components        2.10.1.v20140901-1055
    Equinox Target Components        3.10.0.v20140909-1633
    Gyrex Target Components        1.3.2.v20140814-1037
    Object Teams Equinox Integration
    RAP Basic Equinox Target
    RAP Examples
    RAP Runtime
    Riena Target Components for E4        6.0.0.v20140610_6_0_0_0
    Riena Target Components for RAP        6.0.0.v20140610_6_0_0_0
    Source for ECF OSGi Remote Services SDK        3.9.0.v20140818-1747
    Source for ECF SDK for Eclipse        3.9.0.v20140818-1747
  General Purpose Tools        
  Linux Tools        
  Mobile and Device Development        
  Programming Languages        
  SOA Development        
    Jubula Functional Testing
    Jubula Launch Support for Eclipse RCP
    Jubula Launch Support for Java / Swing
  Web, XML, Java EE and OSGi Enterprise Development        

From:        Wayne Beaton <wayne@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        01/07/2015 01:11 PM
Subject:        [] Simultaneous Release Feature Names        and Categories
Sent by:

My apologies for missing the call today. I really did want to present the Feature Categories work that I've started.

Some of it may require explanation, but I think that it makes some sense on its own.

Please have a look and let me know if you have any comments/questions/concerns.

I'd particularly like to know if there are any concerns that I'm on the wrong path.

Is there a relatively easy means of generating a text-based categorized listing of the features from the repository?


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation

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