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[] I propose we skip (or postpone) our October "first Wednesday" meeting ...

I do not have any topics in mind for a meeting this Wednesday (October 1, 12 noon), and having just finished Luna SR1 and this week finishing Mars M2, I suspect we all have been busy with day-to-day matters.

Thus, my advice is to skip the Wednesday, October 1 meeting. But, if anyone does have topics they would like to discuss at a meeting, then that is fine, we could still hold the meeting.

I propose we simply skip October, plan our next meeting to be the first Wednesday of November (Nov. 5, 12 noon) -- but, an alternative is to have a "delayed" meeting, say, in 2 weeks, if anyone has a need for that?

Unless someone speaks up, say by end-of-day Tuesday, I will assume we will simply skip October, meet in November, and any minor questions or issues can be discussed here on this planning council mailing list. I believe our next big "to do" item, is to make sure we are all in agreement with the "must do" document, for Mars, which is due by M4, and which has been pretty stable for several years. So, I think a November and December meeting will suffice.

But, do let us know if anyone has a reason to meet before November.


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