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[] Reminder of "First Wednesday" meeting: 9/3 12 Noon (Eastern)

The most important thing to settle on, is the Mars dates, for milestones and RCs, as well as the "service releases".
The service releases follow same pattern as in the past. The milestones are similar to patterns from the past, except that M6 will finish after EclipseCon (because EclipseCon is earlier than past years, earlier enough we can't "squeeze in" M6 before EclipseCon, so we postponed M6 a little so at least it doesn't coincide with EclipseCon.).

I've updated our calendar with the Mars dates (except not "Mars SR dates" yet):"">

Since there has already been a few +1's to this list, we'll be asking if anyone objects. If not, we're done. With that part.

Feel free to add agenda items or come prepared to discuss issues listed there.


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