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Re: [] Please review newly tweaked Mars schedule



On 18/08/14 11:10 PM, David M Williams wrote:

I have modified our Mars schedule slightly since our last meeting. At that meeting it seemed clear we could not "compress" M6 enough to finish before EclipseCon, so we made M6 a week longer to 7 weeks duration, so it would not end while EclipseCon was ending. But, that still left the +0 teams ending when EclipseCon ended, which is less that desirable, since that would mean their final "stabilization week" would completely overlap with EclipseCon.

After the meeting, I realized another undesirable feature was still left over from last year's compression: we allowed only 6 weeks for M5, which traditionally we allowed 7 weeks for, since it spanned "end of year" holidays.

So, to solve both problems, I added a week to M5 (making it 7 weeks long). Slipped M6 a week to the right so that the +0 day would be a week after EclipseCon was over (but still 7 weeks in duration), and thus resulting in there being only 6 weeks for M7.

It seems the best solution to me, given when EclipseCon is scheduled, but would appreciate members of the planning council proofreading and reviewing it soon, so at our next meeting any issues will have already been discussed, adjustments made if needed, and we can call it final.


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