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Re: [] Reminder of "First Wednesday" meeting, 12 Noon, 8/6, (Eastern)

Thanks to the few people who could attend today. We have a new proposal for the milestone dates towards the end, and after meeting,
I even thought of a few more tweaks that would help.

My notes of the meeting are in

I think we are in agreement for M1 through M4, .. we'll look to finalize the rest of the schedule at next month's meeting.


From:        David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
Date:        08/05/2014 07:32 AM
Subject:        [] Reminder of "First Wednesday"        meeting, 12 Noon, 8/6, (Eastern)
Sent by:

Initial Agenda:

I do not think there is too much to discuss, but one very important thing that I'd like to get finalized and "official" if at all possible.
And that is the dates for Mars and its Service Releases. If we all want to follow same pattern as previous years, it should be pretty simple, EXCEPT for the time around M6 (and how to plan that around EclipseCon). Advise welcome!

If you can not make it, please send a delegate, or make your thoughts about the "dates" known.


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