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[] Ready for Mars?

I barely am, but have been getting some questions lately about "what's the plan". So ... I have created a proposed plan, at

We will be able to review and discuss more at our meeting next week (First Wednesday meeting) and in the months ahead, but, a quick decision is needed if we plan to follow the same pattern as previous years, since the first +0 date, for Mars M1 is August 8th! Slightly more than a week away, with everyone else following two weeks after that, ending the milestone on 8/22.

So unless there is a quick objection, in the next few hours, I'll announce "the proposed plan" for the first few milestones ... and we can fine tune as a group, in the weeks/months ahead.

Apologies for the short notice.

Assuming we want to follow the same general pattern as previous years, I just took last years dates, and adjusted to they lined up on the right day of the week, and for this (and next) calendar year it turned out to be a simple "minus one day".
The only difficult part will be deciding what to do with M6, as EclipseCon is a little earlier than usual next year, and we normally finish M6 the week right before EclipseCon. So we'll need to decide if we want to shorten the M6 period, finish it while EclipseCon is happening, or lengthen the time and finish it after EclipseCon.

Or ... if anyone wants any huge radical departure from past pattern, then that will take a lot of discussion anyway, so figure we just as well get started with M1 and M2 being "as before".

If no objections raised in next few hours, I'll send note to cross project list, include the initial proposed dates, include a reminder about "how to announce your participation", and mention I'll be "setting up the builds/streams in a few days, for the Luna SR1 vs. Mars aggregations. (Mars M1 does overlap with Luna SR1 RC1).

Thanks, and apologies for the short notice.

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