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Re: [] Kepler SR2 Respin

I'll abstain, but glad to re-build if rest of planning council agrees. Thought I'd explain it wasn't completely obvious to me a re-spin with current proposed fix is best (it likely is, I'm just saying I did not want to be the sole decision maker for this one ... wanted to be sure others feel the risk is worth the benefit. In another list, I've asked Pascal to explain why better to "add a fix", rather than revert the fix that "exposed" this bug. In either case I guess we' need a rebuild ... just want to be sure we are improving stability (as well as quality).

I think the procedure is that we need 3 +1's (2 more, considering Ian's is 1) and then we'll rebuild, but I hope every member reviews the bug and weighs in.


From:        Ian Bull <irbull@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        "" <>,
Date:        02/21/2014 12:28 PM
Subject:        [] Kepler SR2 Respin
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The p2, Equinox and Eclipse Platform team are currently in the process of fixing a serious issue in p2 [1,2]. While the issue has existed for a while, it was masked by another bug (which has been fixed). This bug is critical because it can leave users in a completely broken state (plugins may appear to be installed, but won't actually function). In the worse case, Eclipse install may no longer start after a successful provisioning operation.

I would like to request a respin of Kepler SR2 (including the repository and EPP Packages). We are still in the process of rebuilding the Eclipse Platform, but I think we should start the discussion / vote here too.



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