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Re: [] StAC Meeting at EclipseCon

It would be interesting to hear from the Foundation at this meeting on the long term direction for SCM support at I recall at a previous meeting (probably StAC) it was mentioned that the Foundation wanted to eventually drop either CVS or SCM support in favour of Git. This is a kind of change that requires long term planning for some projects, so it would be a good topic for this meeting.


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[] StAC Meeting at EclipseCon

We will be holding (I believe our third annual) StAC meeting at EclipseCon on Sunday, March 20th at 4pm in the Bayshore rooms of the Hyatt Santa Clara.
Mike will be presenting proposed changes to the Bylaws that will impact the councils for discussion and feedback.  Our timing will be good as this will be a major topic at the Board and Member meetings the next day.
If you have any other items you would like to propose to the agenda, please do let me know.
-          Don
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