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Re: [] Indigo Exception Request for Libra (webtools.libra)

+1 (for the records...)

Thanks, Markus

On 1 March 2011 18:14, Raev, Kaloyan <kaloyan.raev@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Dear Planning Council,


The Libra project would like to join the Indigo Simultaneous Release. Libra will deliver two features for Indigo: WAR Products and OSGi Bundle Facet. The IP process for both of them is completed: CQ 4837 [1] and CQ 4844 [2].


The WAR Products tooling has been originally developed to make the deployment of RAP applications easier. However, the tooling itself is not RAP specific and can be used for deploying any Server-Side Equinox applications. Since the RAP project is part of the Indigo Release, it really makes sense to have the WAR Products tooling in Indigo too. It will also benefit all developers of Server-Side Equinox applications. More details about WAR Products are available on the latest blog of Holger Staudacher [3]. Installation and usage instructions are available on the wiki page [4].


The OSGi Bundle Facet feature links together the PDE and WTP tooling. It enable the WTP project wizards to create OSGi bundles projects, like Web Application Bundles and Persistence Bundles. It's the very first step towards providing OSGi tooling for enterprise applications. This feature will be a great complement to the PDE and WTP project that are in the Simultaneous Release since the very beginning. This feature is very well demonstrated in a short screencast [5]. We are also in the process of writing a Getting Started guide [6].


Libra is still an incubating project. We think that including it in the Indigo Release will keep up the momentum and participation in the project to have this concrete goal to aim for. It will also increase community awareness and participation, if it can be in the common Indigo repository. We are confident that we can fulfill the requirements for the Simultaneous Release train. The limited scope of the first release (the above two features) enable us to quickly do all required changes. Our efforts are tracked in bug 338060 [7].


This request has been reviewed and approved by the WTP PMC at the 3/1 meeting [8].


Please, vote based on the exception process [9]. You can count this mail as +1 from me.













Kaloyan Raev | T +359 2 9157-416
SAP Labs Bulgaria | PO LJS for StreamWork


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